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supermarket shelving

Heavy duty, commercial quality shelving

Designed specifically for large and medium supermarkets, pharmacies and hardware stores.

Or for other types of businesses seeking heavy duty shelving with the flexibility to display a large range of different types of merchandise.

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Stronger components

Greater display flexibility

Despatched within 1-2 weeks

Our SHOP-Smart Supermarket Shelving System is high-capaicity shelving designed with the needs of large to medium supermakets, large pharmacies and selected hardware-related businesses in mind. But the flexible display options make it a sought-after shelving solution for other types of businesses including beauty and haircare warehouse-style outlets, larger toy shops, garden equipment, bulk clothing, liquor and even ambient-temperature fresh produce displays.

Supermarket Shelving Single Sided Image

Single Sided Bays

Supermarket Shelving Double Sided Image

Double Sided Bays

Supermarket Shelving Joined Bays Image

Joined Bays

The most popular starting point is the double-914mm wide bays (1830mm width overall). These bays can easily be extended along a wall (single sided runs) or for aisles (double sided runs) for within the body of a shop using shared Upright Posts. 914mm wide bays are available to fill any left over space available.

All bays feature Top Canopies and heavy duty, 50x30mm Horizontal Beams  supported by Outrigger Front Posts. Thees canopies are typically used to store excess, boxed merchandise within the store rather than in the storeroom.

Supermarket Shelving Heavy Duty Top Beams with Board Canopy Image

Melamine Board Canopy

Supermarket Shelving Wire Shelves Image

Wire Mesh Shelves

Supermarket Shelving Meah Back Panels

Wire Mesh Back Panels

Back Panel options

The choice is yours and these options can be veried within a store to create special zones to display featured or special merchandise:

Supermarket Shelving Wire Back Panels Image

Wire Back Panels

Supermarket Shelving Plain Metal Back Panels Image

Plain Metal Back Panels

Supermarket Shelving Metal Pegboard Back Panels Image

Punched Volcano-style Metal Pegboard

Supermarket Shelving Metal Slatwall Back Panels Image

Metal Slatwall Back Panels

Most supermarkets specify Wire Mesh Back Panels. These combine economy, ease of assemble and stop stock falling off the backs of the shelves. They are most frequently used for hang-sell displays on standard or flipper hooks. But our Wire Mesh Back Panels do so much more. They feature double horizontal wires making them compatible with most of our Slatwall and SLatmesh Display Accessories.

Slatwall Accessories will help you to create feature displays of almost any product from hang-sell to binned. These are a few of the types of accessories available.

Supermarket Shelving Acrylic Shelves Image

SLatwall Acrylic Display Shelves

Supermarket Shelving Clothing Display Arms Image

Slatwall Clothing Display Arms

Supermarket Shelving Footwear Displays Image

Slatwall Footwear Displays

Supermarket Shelving Plastic Bins Image

Slatwall Plastic Bins

Supermarket ShelvingMesh Display Bins Image

Slatwall Wire Mesh Baskets

Supermarket Shelving Brochure Displays Image

Slatwall Brochure Displays

Shelf Options:

Most Supermarkets select the galvanised Wire Mesh Shelves. But other options include Metal Shelves or Melamine Shelves for special applications.

Supermarket Wire Mesh Shelves Image

Wire Mesh Shelves

Metal Shelves

Supermarket Custom Melamine Shelves Image

Custom Melamine Shelves

The Wire Shelves are the toughest and allow dust and debris to fall though. Both the Wire and Metal Shelves are reinforced with strengthening ribs underneath.

Supermarket Shelving Outrigger Brackets Image

Outrigger Shelf Brackets

Supermarket Shelving Cantilever Brackets Image

Cantilever Shelf Brackets

Supermarket Shelving Fronts and Dividers Image

Shelf Dividers

The Top Canopies are supported on Outrigger Brackets that clip into both the Upright Posts and the Front Outrigger Posts. Other shelves in the bay are supported on Cantilever Shelf Brackets which can be angled if required to provide better visibility of some merchandise like boxed confectionery, magazines and books. 

Supermarket Shelving Plastic Shelf Fronts and Dividers Image

Plastic Fronts and Dividers

Supermarket Shelving Wire Fronts and Dividers Image

Wire Mesh Fronts and Dividers

Supermarket Shelving Clip On Data Strips Image

Clip On Data Strips

Clear Polycarbonate and Wire Shelf Fronts and Shelf Fronts are available for all shelf types. These are a great way to display difficult-to-keep tidy merchandise like small tins of tuna and salmon, panadol, spices, Panadol and more. All shelves are supplied with the special Clip-on Data Strips for SHOP-Smart Shelving. These clip on to the shelf fronts easily. No messy adhesive tape! Easy to change.

More Display Options

As we reiterate several times throughout this website, the great feature of all SHOP-Smart Shelving is its awesome flexibility. By using selected components from the Supermarket Shelving it is easy to create display stands for specific purposes and applications. Here are a few examples:

Supermarket Shelving Cantilever Style Image

Supermarket Shelving Cantilever Style

Supermarket Shelving Outrigger Style Image

Supermarket Shelving Outrigger Style

Supermarket Shelving Dense End Style Image

Supermarket Shelving Dense Ends Syles

Supermarket Shelving Dense End Style Application Image

Supermarket Shelving Dense End Use

So, even if most of your shelving is 1800mm wide units shown at the top of this page, selected bays can be created for special purposes or events. Some stores have a Licenced Post Office franchise and use Slatwall Pack Panels with sloping acrylic shelves to display their Australia Post satchels and stationery. Other stores create a dedicated confectionery displays. Or ambient temperature fresh produce displays. With SHOP-SMart Shelving the choice is yours.

Size Options:

Standard Height (excludes levelling feet): *
2210mm, 1610mm
Standard Bay Widths:
Double Bay 1830mm
Single Bay 914mm
Standard Bay Depths:
Base Leg Size: 470mm
Depth Overall Double Sided Bays: 1080mm
Depth Overall Single Sided Bays: 580mm
Shelf Sizes (Wire or Metal Shelves):
Base Shelf (Wire or Metal): 914x470mm
Other Wire Shelves: 914x300mm, 914x370mm, 914x470mm
Other Black Metal Shelves: 914x300mm, 914x370mm, 914x470mm
Standard Mesh Back Panel Size: *
* Other heights may be possible. Please ask.

Prices for Supermarket Shelving

There are many possibilities with Supermarket Shelving. Sizes, back panel and shelf options and special requirements for specific displays within the store. It is not possible for Shop4Shops to include prices for every option online. And most of our customers prefer us to supply them with a solution for their store that will provide the best display solution for their merchandise and help them maximise sales. Please Email us for a Quotation for Supermarket Shelving. Some of the information we will need is:

  • Business name
  • Delivery address
  • When it is required
  • Sketch floor plan
  • Type of business
  • Single or double sided
  • Shelving height
  • Shelving bay width
  • Type of back panels
  • Type of shelves
  • How many shelves
  • Data stripping
  • Shelf dividers and fronts
  • Special needs
  • Other optional extras

Worked examples

A few examples to provide indicative prices:

Supermarket Shelving Price Example 001 Supermarket Shelving
Price Example 001
Double-sided. Matt Black.
2210mmH x 1830mmW x 1080mmD
Wire Back Panels
Wire Shelves
Melamine top canopy
$1605.68 - $2009.48 *
Incl. GST per bay
* depening on quantity ordered
Supermarket Shelving Price Example 002
Supermarket Shelving
Price Example 002
Single-sided. Matt Black.
2210mmH x 1830mmW x 580mmD
Wire Back Panels
Wire Shelves
Melamine top canopy
$841.83 - $1027.43 *
Incl. GST per bay
* depending on quantity ordered
Supermarket Shelving Price Example 003 Supermarket Shelving
Price Example 003
Double-sided. Matt Black.
2210mmH x 914mmW x 1080mmD
Wire Back Panels
Wire Shelves
Melamine top canopy
$840.21 - $1143.77 *
Incl. GST per bay
* depending on quantity ordered

Prices exclude packing and delivery costs and may be subject to change without notice.

PHOTO GALLERY: Supermarket Shelving

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Supermarket Shelving In-Store Image 001

Dense End

Supermarket Shelving In-Store Image 002

Mesh Back Panel

Supermarket Shelving In-Store Image 003

Dense Ends

Supermarket Shelving In-store image 005

All types of shops

Supermarket Shelving In-store image 010

Looking great!

Supermarket Shelving In-store Image 008

White coming soon

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