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longspan shelving

The recommended shelving system to display large bulky and heavy merchandise

  • Bags of petfood or nappies in supermarkets
  • Wine bottles and cartons in liquor shops
  • Prams in baby shops
  • Discount stores

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Pre-welded Upright Frames

Heavy Duty boxed beams

Wire or board Shelves

Longspan is the shelving solution when other types of retail display shelving will not do. Supermarkets and hardware stores, for example, find it difficult to display large size bags of pet food. As do pet shops. Or bulk nappies. Or kennels and furniture-type products. And items like prams and cots cannot be displayed successfuly on Cantilever or Outrigger Shelving. For these types of businesses the most important feature of the Longspan Shelving is the long beams with clear entry up to 1800mm.

Upright End Frames

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Longspan Shelving Upright Frames Image

Upright Frames

Longspan Shelving Upright Frame Joiners Image

Closeup of Frame joiners

Longspan Shelving Upright Frame Adjustable Feet Image

Levelling feet

The Upright Frames are supplied pre-welded. No assembly required. The Upright Posts are joined by drop-punched joiners. The posts have levelling feet to cope with uneven floors.

Longspan Shelving Upright Frame Posts Pitch Image

Upright Frames

The Longspan Shelving System starts with the Upright End Frames. These are supplied pre-welded, ready to go. No assembly required. The Posts are joined by drop-punched joiners. The standard height of the frames is 2450mm but these can be supplied cut down to ther heights for larger custom projects. Standard depths are 400mm, 500mm and 600mm. Choose black or white or custom colours for larger projects. Adjustable levelling feet are included.

Horizontal Beams

Longspan Shelving Uprights and Beams Image

Upright End Frames and Beams

Longspan Shelving Beams Image

Two Beams per Shelf Level

Longspan Beams Sketch Image

Closeup Sketch of Beams

The heavy duty horizontal beams simply clip into the Upright Frames. They are manufactured from 30x50mm boxed beams with a side flange to hold the shelves. No special tools are required. Just a soft-faced mallet.


Select from reinforced Wire Shelves or Melamine Board Shelves. Just drop these onto the Horizontal Beams and your display is complete.

Longspan Shelving with Beams and Shelves Image

Longspan Shelving with Shelves

Longspan Shelving Wire Shelves

Wire Shelves

Longspan Shelving Board Shelves

Board Shelves

Longspan Shelving Add On Bays Image

Shared Uprights

Longspan Shelving Data Strips Image

Complete with Adhesive Data Strips

When creating a run (or aisle) of Outrigger Shelving shared Upright Frames are used to reduce the overall cost and maximise the rigidity of the shelving.

Size options

All sizes to suit the above frame depths and beam lengths
Upright Frame Sizes (excluding the adjustable levelling feet)*:
1500x500mm, 2410x500mm, 3010x500mm
2210x400mm, 2410x600mm
Nominal Bay Lengths (measured from the centre of one Upright Post to the centre of the next:
900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2400mm
Wire Shelf Sizes
All sizes to suit the above frame depths and beam lengths
Melamine Board Shelves

* We can supply other sizes by cutting down the standard Upright Frame sizes

Request a Quote

There are too any options to supply prices for all of them online. Email us to Request a Quotation for Longspan Shelving. You will need to select from the above options and include some basic information about your project:

  • Business name
  • Delivery address
  • When it is required
  • Sketch floor plan
  • Type of business
  • Single or double sided
  • Shelving height
  • Shelving bay width
  • Type of back panels
  • Type of shelves
  • How many shelves
  • Data Stripping
  • Shelving colour
  • Special needs
  • Optional extras

Typical Applications

Longspan Shelving In-Store Image 001

Longspan Shelving for Pet food

Longspan Shelving In-Store Image 002

Longspan Shelving for Liquor

Longspan Shelving In-Store Image 003

Longspan Shelving for Pet food


Longspan Shelving In-Store Image 004

Longspan Shelving for Pet food


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