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Perfect for bottleshop coolrooms

  • Range of popular sizes
  • Pre-welded steel end frames
  • Wire mesh shelves

Scroll down to find out more and find out how to order.


Super strong horizontal beams

High load carrying capacity

Shipping Australia-wide

Our Coolroom Shelving is a version of the Longspan Shelving shown elsewhere on this website. The main differences are:

  • The shelving is typically supplied with less Horizontal Beams. This allows stacks of cartons of liquor to be stacked directly on the floor or on pallets between the Upright Frames
  • Special Data Strips for Shelf Edge Labelling are supplied to cope with the temperature variations experinced in Coolrooms

Coolroom Shelving Options

These are listed on the Longspan Shelving page.

How to buy

Email to Request a Quotation for Coolroom Shelving. We can usually reply with an itemised Quotaion within 24-48 hours. We will need some information about your project to prepare the Quotation and Recommendations.

  • Business name
  • Delivery address
  • When it is required
  • Sketch floor plan
  • Type of business
  • Shelving height
  • Shelving bay widths
  • Shelving bay depths
  • Back panels if required
  • Type of shelves
  • How many shelves
  • Data Stripping
  • Shelving colour
  • Special needs
  • Any optional extras
Coolroom Shelving Idciative Photo
Coolroom Shelving Display Bottleshop

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