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Extra heavy duty shelving with front support posts

Popular with:

  • Medium and Large Supermarkets
  • Large Gourmet Food Stores
  • Liquor Stores

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Extra Heavy Duty

Shelves Supported Back and Front

Flexible Display Options

If you need to display large volumes of heavy merchandise like canned and bottled products, hardware or liquor you should at least look at how this shelving system can display those products better. And help you increase sales.

As with all of our SHOP-Smart Retail Display Shelving, Outrigger uses many for the same components. You do not need to purchase different systems for different applications. The following notes illustrate this display flexibilty.

Main features

The basic components are the 4 Upright Posts, Back Panels, Shelves and Shelf Brackets.

Outrigger Shelving Showing Front Post Image

Showing Front Post

Outrigger Shelving Shelf Bracket Image

Outrigger Shelf Brackets

Outrigger Shelving Bracket Closeup Image 002

Brackets connect to front and back posts

The key feature of the Outrigger Shelving is the front posts which support the shelves for increased weight carrying capacity..... 200kg or more per shelf. They slot into both the front and back posts.

There are many possibilities to suit a range of merchandising possibilities:

Outrigger Shelving Matching Tall Units Image

Tall Units Single and Double Sided

Outrigger Shelving Matching Low Units Image

Low Units

Outrigger Shelving Matching Cantilever Units

Matching Cantilever Units

Back Panel Options

Unlike most other suppliers of shelving for retail displays we offer four types of back panels, designed to provide complete display flexibility.

Outrigger Shelving Plain Back Panels Image

Outrigger Plain Metal Back Panels

Outrigger Shelving Metal Pegboard Back Panels Image

Outrigger Metal Pegboard Back Panels

Metal Slatwall Back Panels Image

Metal Slatwall Back Panels

Outrigger Shelving Wire Mesh Back Panels Image

Wire Mesh Back Panels

Plain Metal Back Panels are largely decorative and add to the aesthetics of the displays. They also help stop merchandise from falling off the back of the shelves. They are typically specified for stores that will only have shelved stock.

The Punched Metal, Volcano-style Pegboard Back Panels are the most popular, particularly for mixed-merchandise stores that need to display hang-sell stock on hooks as well as shelved stock.

The Metal Slatwall and Wire Back Panels provide the most display flexibility. Not only will they allow you to display hang-sell merchandise but also use moany of the display accessories from the Slatwall range.

Shelf Options

Outrigger Wire Shelves Image

Wire Shelves

Outrigger Metal Shelves

Metal Shelves

Outrigger Custom Melamine Shelves Image

Custom Melamine Shelves

Wire Shelves are the most commonly ordered particularly for supermarkets, hardware stores and bottleshops. Metal Shelves are preferred by pharmacies, gift and homeware stores and clothing businesses. Both the Wire and Metal Shelves are reinforced with strengthening ribs on the undersides.
Melamine Shelves can be manufactured for specific applications where the aim is to create a feature display zone.

Outrigger Shelving Brackets Image

Outrigger Shelf Brackets

Cantilever Shelf Brackets

Cantilever Shelf Brackets

Outrigger Shelving Shelf Dividers Image

Shelf Dividers

Most shelves in Outrigger Shelving Displays will be supported by the heavy duty Outrigger Shelf Brackets because they clip into both the back and front upright posts, maximising the strength of the shelving.  For applications where shallower or sloping shelves are required within a bay the Cantilever Shelf Brackets are used.

Size Options:

Upright Heights (excluding the adjustable levelling feet)*:
1435mm, 1510mm, 1610mm, 2110mm, 2410mm
Bay Widths (measured centre of one posts to centre of the next):
914mm, 1000mm, 1250mm
Bay Depths (Base Leg Size):
370mm** , 470mm, 570mm
Add the 80mm Back Post Depth and the 30mm Front Post Depth to give the overall depth of the display
Galvanised Wire Shelves
914x300mm, 914x370mm, 914x470mm, 914x570mm
1000x300mm, 1000, 370mm, 1000x470mm, 1000x570mm
1250x470mm, 1250x570mm
Metal Shelves:
914x370mm***, 914x470mm***, 914x570mm***
1000x300mm, 1000x370mm, 1000x470mm, 1000x570mm
1250x300mm, 1250x370mm, 1250x470mm
Other heights may be possible by cutting down the standar post heights. Please ask.
** White only. *** Black only.

Prices for Outrigger Shelving

With so many options it is not possible to list prices for every Outrigger Shelving Bay. Email us to Request Prices for Outrigger Shelving. Here are some of the things we will need to know:

  • Business name
  • Delivery address
  • When it is required
  • Sketch floor plan
  • Type of business
  • Single or Double Sided
  • Shelving height
  • Shelving bay width and depth
  • Type of back panels
  • Type of shelves
  • How many shelves
  • Data Stripping
  • Shelving colour
  • Special needs
  • Any optional extras
Outrigger Shelving In Store Photo1
Outrigger Shelving In Store Photo2
Outrigger Shelving In Store Photo3
Outrigger Shelving In Store Photo4
Outrigger Shelving In Store Photo5
Outrigger Shelving In Store Photo 6

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