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gondola cantilever shelving

Our most popular style of retail display shelving

Recommended for:

  • Supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Gourmet food shops
  • Hardware, marine and auto accessories
  • Pharmacies, health and wellbeing and more.

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Smart by design

Smart on flexibility

Smart on cost-effectiveness

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Gondola Shelving Types Image 002

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SHOP-Smart Shelving has transformed the retail displays of many of our customers. Like Miena Village Store, Complete Stationery, Grove Store, and Modern Musician.  These and other customers appreciated the choice of practical styles and sizes that are matched perfectly with their businesses allowing them to display their products to their best advantage and help maximise sales. The Gondola or Cantilever Shelving is the most popular variant.

Gondola Shelving for Convenience Stores Image
Gondola Shelving Gift Shops Image
Gondola Shelving Pharmacy Image

Essential Features: Uprights and Base Legs

The strength of the SHOP-Smart Gondola or Cantilever Shelving starts with the superior Upright Posts and the Clip-On Base Legs

Gondola Shelving Base Leg Image

Base Leg

Gondola Shelving Base Leg with Upright Image

Base Leg and Upright

Gondola Shelving Single or Double Sided Uprights Image

Single and Double Sided

The Gondola Shelving has heavy duty Base Legs that clip in to the Uprights to create heavy duty Upright Posts. This clip-in feature eliminates the need to have separate welded single and double sided uprights. Freight costs are reduced. And the posts can be easily converted from single sided to double sided and back again should the need arise.

The Uprights and Base Legs are readily available in several sizes to suit most applications. The standard 160mm high base leg is the most frequently specified. High Base Legs are available for some applications like the Supermarket Shelving shown elsewhere on this website. All Base Legs have adjustable height feet.

Gondola Shelving Upright Posts Image

Closeup of Slotted Upright

Gondola Shelving Upright Posts Dimensions Image

Closeup Upright Cross Section

Gondola Shelving Upright Posts Pitch Image


The Uprights are slotted on one or two sides. Shelf Brackets and Back Panels clip into these slots. The specifications for the Uprights exceed industry standards. The cross section dimensions are 80x30mm and the wall thickness is 2mm. Each slot is 18x28mm and the pitch of the slots (distance from the top of one slot to the top of the next slot) is 50mm. This shelving and its components are not compatible with those of other, similar looking gondola shelving systems.

Back Panel Options

Gondola Shelving Unit Back Panels Image


Gondola Shelving Unit Back Panels Pegboard Image

Metal Pegboard

Gondola Shelving Unit Back Panels Slatwall Image

Metal Slatwall

Although the shelving can be assembled without Back Panels this is rarely done. The Back Panels prevent merchandise from falling off the back of the shelves and are used to increase the merchandising flexibility of the shelving. Select from three styles: plain metal (decorative), metal pegboard (for hang-sell applications) or metal Slatwall (with all of the advantages of traditional MDF Slatwall).

Gondola Shelving Back Panels Plain Metal Image

Plain Metal Back Panels

Gondola Shelving Back Panels Metal Pegboard Image

Metal Pegboard Back Panels

Gondola Shelving Metal Slatwall Back Panels Image

Metal Slatwall Back Panels

Plain Metal Back Panels are used for applications where all of the merchandise is displayed on shelves. Volcano-style Punched Metal Pegboard Back Panels are specified where some or all of the merchandise is displayed on hooks. Brochure holders and small plastic containers can also be used on these panels. The metal Slatwall Back Panels are compatible with many more accessories including clip-in acrylic shelves, clothing arms, baskets and specialise accessories like picture hanging hooks

Gondola Shelving Back Panels Plain Metal Close Up Image

Plain Metal Back Panels Close Up

Gondola Shelving Back Panels Metal Pegboard Close Up Image

Metal Pegboard Back Panels Close Up

Gondola Shelving Metal Slatwall Back Panels Close Up Image

Metal Slatwall Back Panels Close Up

Gondola Shelving Back Panels ire Mesh Image

Mesh Back Panels



Mesh Back Panels for Gondola Shelving are avaialable now for selected gondola sizes. But unlike other shelving systems, our Mesh Panels feature double horizontal wires that are compatible with most standard Slatwall Accessories.

Colour options:

Gondola Shelving Matt Black Image 001

Matt Black

Gondola Shelving Gloss White Image

Gloss White

Gondola Shelving Custom Colours Image

Custom Colours

The Upright Posts, Back Panels and Metal Shelves are readily available in matt black or gloss white in most sizes and styles. The Wire Shelves are galvanised.

Subject to minimum order quantities all components can be powdercoated in other colours to help you create a unique "look" for your store or to reinforce your corporate identity. Select from most standard Dulux powdercoat colours. Not every component of your shelving needs to be powdercoated in your custom colour. For example, just the Upright Posts, Base Legs and Base Shelves can feature the custom colour with the Back Panels and other shelves left as standard white or black. This makes it easier, and cheaper, to add a few extra shelves at a later stage.

Size options:

Upright Heights (excludes the adjustable levelling feet)*
1360mm**, 1510mm, 2110mm, 2410mm
Bay Widths (measured centre of one Upright Post to centre of next):
600mm**, 665mm, 900mm**, 914mm, 1000mm, 1250mm
Base Shelf Depths (Base Leg Size)**:
300mm***, 370mm**, 470mm, 570mm, 770mm**
Shelf Sizes Galvanised Wire
665x300mm, 665x570mm
914x300mm, 914x370mm, 914x470mm, 914x570mm
1000x300mm, 1000x470mm, 1000x570mm
1250x470mm, 1250x570mm
Shelf Sizes Steel Shelves):
665x300mm, 665x370mm, 665x470mm, 665x570mm
914x300mm****, 914x370mm****, 914x470mm****, 914x570****mm
1000x300mm, 1000x370mm, 1000x470mm, 1000x570, 1000x770mm
1250x300mm, 1250x370mm, 1250x470mm

* We can supply other heights by cutting down the uprights, eg 1200mm, 1800mm
** Overall Depth of the Shelving is Base Shelf Depth (double for double sided units) plus 80mm for the Upright
*** White only. **** Black only.
Specifications and availability may be subject to change without notice

Shelf Options

Greater weight carrying capacity and more display flexibility are the features that make these gondola shelves the best available.

Gondola Metal Shelves Top Image

Metal Shelves

Gondola Wire Shelves Top Image

Wire Shelves

Melamine Board Shelves for Gondoila Shelving Image

Board Shelves

Select from heavy duty sheet metal or wire mesh shelves in a range of sizes and colours. Or, for special projects, we can supply compatible, decorative, melamine board shelves.

The wire mesh shelves are the preferred option for supermarkets, convenience stores, hardware and similar businesses that require super-strong, easy to clean shelves. Typically a metal base shelf is used to hide any dust and debris that may have accumulated on the floor.

Metal shelves add a softer touch to the ambience of the shelving system and are frequently specified by gift and homewares shops, pharmacies, vet clinics, and licenced post offices that do not want the "supermarket look".

Melamine board shelves can be custom made in a range of plain colours, textures and woodgrains subject to minimum order quantities. They are not as strong as the wire and metal shelves but will add a new dimension to the displays of clothing businesses, premium gift stores, sporting shops and selected displays in gourmet food stores. Melamine board shelves are 20mm thick for extra strenghr. This chunky look is admired by many.

When used on Cantilever Gondola Shelving these shelves have a maximum evenly distributed weight carrying capacity in excess of 100Kg.

Gondola Metal Shelves Underneath Image

Metal Shelves Reinforced Under

Gondola Wire Shelves Underneath Image

Wire Shelves Reinforced Under

Gondola Shelf Brackets Image

Multi-purpose Multi-angle Brackets

The metal shelves have "top hat" style reinforcing on the underside. Wire shelves have reinforcing steel slats. The shelf brackets for both the metal and wire shelves are multi-functional. One design fits both types. The brackets can be used flat or sloping at 15 or 30 degrees. Shelf fronts of several styles are available to prevent your products from falling off the shelves.

Shelf Edge Labelling Options:

Gondola Shelving Shelf Fronts Image

Gondola Shelving Shelf Fronts

Gondola Shelving Clip On Data Strips Image

Gondola Shelving Clip on Data Strips

Gondola Shelving Hinged Clip On Data Strips Image

Gondola Shelving Hinged Data Strips

The SHOP-Smart Shelving System has its own unique Data Strips for shelf edge labelling. They are not adhesive but simply clip on to the label plates of the shelves. No messy adhesive tapes. Easy to remove or change when the need arrives. The Data Strips are hinged so they flip ot of the way when merchandise is taken from the shelf below.

Accessory options:

Both the metal and wire shelves can be supplied with optional shelf fronts and shelf dividers. Select from chromed wire or polycarbonate plastic. Additional spring-loaded pushers are available to automatically front-face the stock.

Gondola Shelving Wire Shelf Fronts and Dividers Image

Wire Fronts and Dividers

Gondola Shelving Plastic Shelf Fronts and Dividers Image

Plastic Fronts and Dividers

Gondola Shelving Shelf Fronts and Dividers Application Image

Divider Application

Prices for Gondola Shelving

There are many, many different options with SHOP-Smart Shelving. Single sided or double sided. Several heights and bay widths. Several shelf types and sizes. Different Back Panels. Different colours. And more. It is beyond the scope of this website to list prices for shelving units for all of these options.

Many basic websites just list the prices for Starter and Add-On Bays and let their customers work out the rest. Our customers expect more. Every Quotation we create is calculated on a job by job basis. This enables us to provide our customers with a complete shelving display solution to suit their needs and budget.

The following will give you an idea of prices. Final prices will vary depending on the quantity ordered, size, backpanels, layout and delivery address.

Gondola Shelving Indicative Pricing 001

Gondola Shelving
Price Example 001

Single-sided. Matt Black.
1510mmH x 914mmW x 470mmD
Metal Pegboard Back Panels
Base Shelf only
$190 - $250
Incl. GST per bay
Depending on quantity ordered

Gondola Shelving Indicative Pricing 002

Gondola Shelving
Price Example 002

Double-sided. Gloss White.
1510mmH x 1000mmW x 1020mmD
Metal Pegboard Back Panels
8 Shelves Incl. base shelf
$695.50 - $846.50
Incl. GST per bay
Depending on quantity ordered

Gondola Shelving Indicative Pricing 003

Gondola Shelvinmg
Price Example 003

Single-sided. Matt Black.
2410mmH x 914mmW x 550mmD
Plain Back Panels
6 Shelves Incl. base shelf
$595.50 - $695.50
Incl. GST per bay
Depending on quantity ordered

Prices exclude packing and delivery and are subject to change without notice due to factors outside of our control.

Email us to Request a Quotation for Gondola Shelving. Some of the things we will need to know are:

  • Business name
  • Delivery address
  • When it is required
  • Sketch floor plan
  • Type of business

  • Single or double sided
  • Shelving height
  • Shelving bay width
  • Type of back panels
  • Type of shelves

  • How many shelves
  • Data stripping
  • Shelving colour
  • Special needs
  • Any optional extras

Selected In-store Photos

Cantilever Gondola Shelving In-store Photo 1

Convenience Store

Cantilever Gondola Shelving In-store Photo 2


Cantilever Gondola Shelving In-store Photo 3


Cantilever Gondola Shelving In-store Photo 4


Cantilever Gondola Shelving In-store Photo 5

Convenience Store

Cantilever Gondola Shelving In-store Photo 6


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